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Deppe Commercial Vehicles - Tank Truck Construction
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Deppe Commercial Vehicles - Truck/Lorry – Tank Construction

Additionally, we build slurry tanks for trucks – volume from 6,000 to 22,000 Liters.
These are mainly vacuum tankers in which water, slurry, waste water, sewage or food waste can be disposed of. The can be constructed for 2, 3 or 4 axil chassis, as either fixed or tiltable container.

Construction Features of a Suction and Pressure Tank with High Pressure Rinsing Device


  • Suction and Pressure tank construction, 4m³ - 22m³ sludge water, 1m³ - 6m³ flushing water
  • Either hydraulic tilting of the tank to the rear, approx. 40-45°, or fixed body
  • Rear cover plate with 4 way locking and hydraulic upward opening, safety support
  • Level indicator for dirty and flushing water
  • Stainless steel discharge skirt
  • Bottom drainage port DN 150 on the cover plate
  • Top suction connector DN 150 on the cover platewith pneumatic operated stainless steel slider.
  • Right rare located control station for: engine - start - stop, hydraulics, pneumatics, pump control, pressure gauge
  • Hose cabinets on the right and left
  • Toolbox, working lights
  • Lacquering of the tank in special primer and acrylic paint
  • Galvanized vehicle auxiliary frame and pump bracket

Vacuum Pump:

  • JUROP Type LC 420 DR Water cooled
  • 720 m³ Air flow rate
  • Working pressure – 0,8 bar to + 0,5 bar
  • Safety - float valve on top of the tank
  • Overfill prevention with drainage tap
  • Special - muffler for quiet operation
  • Oil separator

High Pressure – Water Pump:

  • PRATISSOLI Type KE 30 or other
  • 70 l Water Output at 130 bar
  • Filling of the water chamber via a 2.5 inch connector
  • Pressure safety valve, water filter
  • Hose reel with 40 m jetting hose DN 12 or hose reel with cross-leading spindle and 80 m jetting hose DN 19
  • Hose nozzle, high pressure spray gun

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Deppe Commercial Vehicles - Tank Truck Construction

Deppe Commercial Vehicles - Tank Truck Construction

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Deppe TA 12 Saug u. Druck Tandemanhänger 

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Vakuum-Abrollsaugaufbau 13500 l NEU 

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MAN TGS 26.430 6X2 Saug-Druck Spüler Kipper

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