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Deppe Commercial Vehicles - Slurry Tank-Semitrailer
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Deppe Commercial Vehicles - Slurry Tanker and Tank Trailer Manufacture

Components of a 3 - axis - Slurry tank trailer with rotary pump


  • Airtight semi-trailer tank of 29.000 Liter volume
  • Welded Steel Tank, 5 mm thick walls, self-supporting, 2000 mm diameter, high pressure performance.
  • The individual container elements are customized, fitted together and then welded inside and out. Doing this makes the tank extremely stable.
  • Additionally, there are 3 baffles and 7 stiffening rings from U-iron welded into the container.
  • Boerger or Vogelsang Rotary Lobe Pump, max. Capacity 6.000l/min, hydraulically driven, required oil pipe to drive approx. 125l/min at max 200bar
  • Automatic pump shut-off with soft-shutdown or manual on and off switching of the rotary pump
  • Stone trap with discharge outlet
  • Suction port with wedge gate valve and 6"quick couplers, mounted via a swivel joint at the stone trap allowing the suction port to be pivoted right and left.
  • Rare manhole cover with wedge gate valve and 6“ quick couplers. Docking device and pneumatically activated feeder gate, on top of the tank; all 8“
  • 6“ rinsing and mixing line from rotary lobe pump, located internally at the front of the container.
  • Filling opening at the top front approx. 500x800mm with pneumatically operated stainless steel slider.
  • 200mm high funnel on the filling opening.
  • Sight tube, with cleaning port, at the front left side of the tank.
  • 1 Connection flange at the bottom front for rinsing connection with blind cover.
  • Ladder at the front left side.
  • Aluminum case for hose fittings approx. 5000mm long, right and left.
  • 4 working lights, 2 reversing lights.
  • Stainless steel hand wash-water container with soap dispenser
  • 1 stainless steel box
  • The container is finished inside and out
  • Internally coated with Sika-Permacor. Exterior is treated with primer and paint. RAL colour on request

Slurry Tanker and Tank Trailer Manufacture


  • air sprung, 3-axle unit with disc or drum brakes,
  • EBS breaking system, with starting aid and Roll Stability Program (RSP).
  • Lifting - lowering system, 27.000kg maximum permissible load
  • First and third axels lift-able, wheelbase 1310 mm
  • 6x; 385/65 R 22.5 tires with 22.5 x 11.75 rims
  • Stainless steel wheel nuts
  • Under-ride protection with lighting –StVZO compliant
  • Adjustable mechanical supporting winch
  • Coupling height approx. 1.250mm
  • TÜV-testing with certificate
  • 34.000kg laden weight
  • approx. 7.500kg tare weight
  • approx. 27.000kg load capacity

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